Table tennis is considered to be the miniature version of tennis. This is because everything has been shrunk in size from the court, the paddle, and the ball. The rules are very similar to those who want to play should first learn the basics and then advance further.

One of the first things anyone should do is read up on the sport. The historical part should just be breezed through but more focus should go to the rules and the various techniques in playing the game.

This information can be found in books and in magazines. Given that there are competitions held regularly, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to catch the game on television. Those who have a hard time absorbing the words or the actions of other players should ask someone for help in learning this sport.

No one can play the game without a pair of paddles. There may be one lying around the house but those who don’t have one can borrow or buy this from the sporting goods store.

The game of table tennis begins with two players facing each other on opposite sides of the table. Someone will first serve the ball and the other should be able to hit it back after a single bounce. Those who fail to do so just gave the opponent one point.

The only way to win the game will be for one player to reach 11 points. Sets are sometimes played in a best of 3 or 5 match up. There was a time that someone had to reach 21 to be called the winner but the rules have changed making the tournament end much quicker.

The player should know when to go on offense and on defense. This is the only way to control the pace of the game from beginning to end.

Table tennis does not only involve using the arms to hit the ball. This also involves hand-to-eye coordination and fancy footwork to be able to move from the side of the table to the other.

There are two ways to hold the paddle. The first is called the handshake grip. The 4 fingers will hold one end of the handle while the thumb comes from the other end.

The second is called the pen grip. The person should curl the middle and ring finger while the fourth finger is held back. Those who want to try this should imagine holding the handle as though it were a pen.

In any serve dished out by the player, there is always the forehand the backhand. The person should know when to use the other to be able to score a point.

Some people want to learn the rules and how the game is played for fun. Others who are talented may be encouraged to join competitions.

Does the individual have what it takes? This can only be answered by the one who wants to get more actively involved in this sport.

Nobody became a great table tennis player overnight. There will be victories and losses, which can only be determined by making fewer mistakes and coming up with a system that works. It wouldn’t hurt to even experiment with some moves in practice since this could be the deciding factor in winning the game.

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