Hair loss and baldness are a serious issue for many people. In the United States alone, around 50 million men and women are affected by hair loss or baldness. No matter how we define it or why we lose our hair, it is an embarrassment to suffer from hair loss or baldness.

There are women that lose their hair for no apparent reason and women that don’t. A man or woman can have some genetic predisposition to hair loss or baldness. However, one thing we can all do is make certain changes in our lifestyle and look to the natural remedies that are available to help us treat the problem. Natural remedies are generally safe, gentle, and inexpensive, and they don’t have to be expensive to take advantage of.

When looking for natural hair loss remedies, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First, if you are a woman and you are experiencing thinning of your hair, you might want to talk to your doctor about certain medications that can help you. Typically, there are over the counter drugs that are safe to use, but your doctor will be able to tell you whether they are suitable for you.

Other than prescription drugs, there are also a number of FDA approved drugs that are safe and effective against hair loss. These include medicated shampoos, gels, and creams that help to increase blood flow to the scalp. They are a good way to help with restoring hair, and they often have other benefits.

Another drug that helps with hair growth is minoxidil. It is a topical solution that comes in a cream, gel, and spray form. These solutions are effective and can be applied topically to help with hair loss or baldness.

Herbs are another option to consider. I can think of several herbs that have been used for centuries to treat the problems of hair loss or baldness. You can purchase these ingredients and take them orally, apply them topically, or you can mix them into a topical cream for a topical treatment.

Aloe Vera is considered to be a great topical treatment. Many people find that the aloe vera helps to re-hydrate the scalp and restore hair growth. It is also a source of nourishment for your hair.

Ginseng is another popular choice. It can help to re-energize and stimulate hair growth. Ginseng is often taken in pill form to provide it nutrients that it needs.

Dong Quai is another herb that is very popular as a solution for hair loss. It can help to fight free radicals that are associated with baldness. Dong Quai is a natural remedy and there are no side effects.

One of the more common choices is dandelion root. This can be used topically to treat symptoms of hair loss or even as a natural remedy for illnesses like depression. Dandelion is a herb that has been used for hundreds of years.

Natural remedies for hair loss or baldness are available, and some are even affordable. If you are considering using a natural remedy, I encourage you to go for it. A natural remedy can help to return your hair to its original beauty and health and it can do it without side effects.

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